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Saturday 31st March - Day 2

Up at 6:30am. What a ball ache. I don't like to remember that there are two 6:30's in a day. It just depresses me.

Flight on time 11:00. The first flight went by quick...7 hours. It's an all male crew which is dubious! Instead of giving open gestures where the exits are, typical Americans to just point with minimal effort, but maximum cockiness.

On arrival, Interrogation starts. 9-11 aside, customs ain't much banter. Who the hell do they think I am? I mean yeah I have a beard, and yeah I'm carrying a backpack, oh wait....now I see. "How old are you? What did you have for breakfast on 14th January 2009? How much is a Twix in China?"...random shit.

The second flight from Philly to Vegas was full of cba (chronic back Aids) for both of us. Looking out the window, we can't work out where we are....loads of crop circles in the desert. It feels like one of them really crappy mystery shows on TV, where eyewitnesses say, 'One minute I was in a crop circle, the next, finger up my arse by an alien.'

Midnight at home....bright sunshine in USA. Getting to sleep is going to be fun. Fingers crossed we don't crash in the water. But if we do, at least we have our seat cushion to keeps us afloat. Phew...what a life saver.

There's something really whiney about the American accent. It just grates on me. Good job we're not going there on hol...i...day....ah right. I guess I'll just have to shut up about the whole thing.

Arrive in Vegas. After looking for the time, I see this big ass clock moving towards me. What is this? A figment of my imagination. No, wrong. It's Flava Flav at baggage claim. He single handedly manages to make a joke of humanity with the clock around the neck, and his snake like gangsta lean. Shame he wasn't wearing his Viking helmet. He called me his "n*gger." As a balding, whale of a man, how could I respond to that...that's right, "yeah man, cool" in a chavvy kinda way. The only thing I missed was 'wagwaan' at the end.

The hotel is rickydiculous. Outside there are fountains playing along to music and Jesus protesters with Elvis impersonators....so all in all, just a normal night back home in Marley's.

After what seemed a 20 mile wander through Vegas we were charged $17 for 2 drinks. Wow! Luckily though, to cheer us up was the sweet sound of a Scottish guy playing bagpipes and annoying clicking gets with cards.

The first venture into the Casino proved to be worthwhile. $500 up. There was a useless swine in charge. She would not stop bloody talking and rather than telling a guy how much he'd win for putting some chips on a split number, she tried to show him about 7 times. In the end he got his money back and buggered off.

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